About the WWBA Camp

Since 2009, The WWBA has relied on the success of Stockton University and its history of excellence. The WWBA camp’s objective is to utilize experienced coaches and instructors to teach fundamental basketball skills and have boys participate in games.

Our camp is designed so that each individual participant is afforded an opportunity to learn new skills and techniques. We like to take the extra step and make sure each player learns the necessary skills to play basketball. We pay attention to the fundamentals of the game. We work daily on skills of the game and we set up fun, but competitive games. The opportunity for one-on-one teaching by our staff is available every day.

Campers are also introduced and work with NBA athletes. The athletes work with the campers and talk with them about everything from life in the NBA to getting an education to the need to practice and learn all aspects of basketball.



Stockton University Camp

Monday, June 24 -
Thursday, June 27 2019

Bloomfield Hills High
School Camp

Monday, June 17 - Thurs, June 20 2019